Thursday, December 30, 2010

Creative Genius Inside

I was just reading my new diary; "Mind, Body & Spirit Book Of Days" about some creative genius that we have inside.  It says that both the Japanese and the Chinese believe in a spot, located three finger-widths below and two finger-widths behind our navel as the seat of our inner power.  They recommend when embarking on a new project, make a conscious effort to breath into this spot  (the "fire in your belly") and experience the flow of energy breathing life into your project.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New App for the New Year

Today I was doing a little more planning towards my 'new' version of Lifescrap365 for 2011. For this new version which I will completely share on Jan 1 I had to purchase a watermark application for my photos. Here is the first photo using the watermark application on my phone.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Relax...In Time For Christmas

Well, as I sit here on my couch, contemplating my navel, I'm thinking about how grateful I am that I am organised this year. I'm not going to be up til after midnight on Christmas Eve this year unless Santa has to delay his arrival due to a boy who won't quit.
I've had some creative time this week so I thought I would share it with you. It's an envelope for gift cards, although I have made a few sizes; this one fits an A4 folded gift certificate. What do you think?

I have a feeling this will be my last post this week and probably this month so Merry Christmas and good health, wealth and happiness in abundance for 2011.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Recycle This Christmas

I wanted to share a little and simple tip I have been using for a couple of years now thanks to my wonderful Mother In Law. If you have kept your Christmas cards from last year, you can cut the front off the card (as long as there is no writing on the reverse of it) and use it as a gift tag. Here's a photo of one I prepared earlier.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

An interesting thought...

I subscribe to this blog and really loved the thoughts behind this post today.  Have  a read and see what you think.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Energy Conscious

Due to the rising costs of living we have been, for some time, seeking more energy efficient products for our home.  We do love our garden and as a family we really look forward to the weather warming up so we can make the most of the great outdoors.  We tend to eat outside most evenings and enjoy the atmosphere in our garden created by fairy lights and the like.  My husband found these inexpensive solar garden lights a few weekends ago and installed them on each of our outdoor steps.  I love the light they give off so I spent a little time outside tonight taking photos of our new solar lights.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Usually every few months I need to escape the family routine to reclaim my sanity.  Normally I enlist the help of a couple of girlfriends who also need to escape and we head to an idyllic spot that the budget can allow for and do whatever we want for the weekend.  Usually breaking routine is big for me.  You know, dinner at 9pm, late lunch (if at all), walk along the beach whenever I want instead of when it fits in with the family, that kind of thing.
A few weeks ago, something caught my eye. I found it here. I already had taken some scrapbooking classes with Jilly at a retreat I frequent with Direct Scrapbooking Warehouse which I loved.  The pages I completed were very different to my 'usual' style and were very creative.  So I took the plunge and attended the workshop for altered canvases (I guess that's what you would call them).  WOW!  What a fantastic day.  This is so totally not the type of creating I would normally do in regards to construction and results yet it was exactly what I needed.  In the morning I was certainly ready for a break from routine, leaving the house after having a rant about feeling like I was taken for granted and that I had just given up on the housework due to the fact that no-one picked up after themselves.  Once in the car, all was forgotten with some great music and enjoying the drive in my new car. 
Well, 7 odd hours later I had in my hot little hands a canvas that just needed a bit of tweeking.  I came home, put some finishing touches on it and now it is on display in my lounge room.    I learned some great techniques and how to prep a canvas from scratch.  Talk about motivation.  I have already prepped the three canvasses I had in the cupboard.  A couple of years ago, I was going to do a mixed media painting of the ocean and never had enough courage or knowledge on how to complete it.  Who needs courage?  And now I have the knowledge.  I have mapped out in my mind the process I will use to complete this new project and am already hunting around for other things I can use on my canvasses.  I feel renewed and refreshed and like I had a weekend away.  It helped that the cleaning fairy came whilst I was away and picked up and vacuumed and washed the floors.  Isn't he a wonderful cleaning fairy!  So if you have the chance, break routine as soon as you can, allow yourself to do something out of the box and enjoy the moment!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Boosting Creativity

On November 13, I will be in creative heaven.  I will be attending this art class.  It looks fantastic and I'm hoping to not only spend some time with like minded ladies, I'm also looking forward to learning some new techniques.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well gone are the days where the whole morning is taken up encouraging my son to take his medicine and follow his lengthy ritual to get to school.  These days he has a very reduced morning ritual (more like a normal child would have) so this morning while he was playing I went outside to our garden and enjoyed my time out there looking at the wonders of nature and taking some photos of our blossoming garden.  This is a photo of one of Jacob's pansies in full bloom. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

August Break

Phew!  I made it through the month with a daily post on Lifescrap365.  I have to admit, just between you and I, when I accepted the challenge of posting a photo every day, inside I feared I wouldn't be able to keep up the pace.  But I did!  I made it.  In fact, I probably achieved more than I thought I would.  I thought I would maybe forget or not make time to post every day.  Even through the challenges I had with the blog and the other day to day life challenges that were thrown my way, I still managed to do it.  I guess that just goes to show that I probably regularly underestimate what I can do.  If you have missed what I was doing you can see it here:

With the technical challenges I had with blogger, there was very little time for any other postings.  One of my aims now is to continue the regular photos here and blog a little about the day.  If I was honest, as I have been day 3 without the pressure of blogging daily, I actually miss it.

Today I spent a wonderful day with my friend Diana who is visiting from Sydney.  It was lovely to spend a nice relaxed day chatting and catching up (and some good food of course).  When we were at the nursery we took the opportunity to use all the 'synthetic' flowers as a backdrop.

If you are a Dad (in whatever shape or form), have yourself a fantastic Father's Day.  I hope you get spoilt and get to do what you love to do. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

De-Clutter Like Never Before

Recently I went to my home town where I have a rental property.  The property used to belong to my parents and next to it, is a huge shed.  I have never really used the shed.  It stored lots of things from old ceiling bats to sheet music that my grandmother (who has been passed away for about 35 years) used to play on the piano.  It has all been there since before my parents passed away almost 10 years ago.  I have finally reached a point where I felt I could attempt to declutter the shed in a methodical and unemotional way.  I set myself some guidelines about what I would allow myself to keep for 'memorabilia' and with the help of a friend, my son and husband set about decluttering the shed.
The night that I finished I was checking my emails and there was a post from a blog which I subscribe to detailing a great way to declutter.  Now, I'm not sure it always works.  In the instance of my shed, I haven't used anything in there for at least 5 years.  There were a lot of memories in there though and this system just simply wouldn't have suited me right now for this declutter job.  It certainly is a great idea for my email declutter and in my own home, I certainly use this method already with things like kitchen utensils and clothing.
The ideas come from a guest blog post on Zen Habits by Jeffrey Tang of The Art of Great Things.  Usually, when we declutter, we take what we have and slowly and progressively go through it to get rid of 'stuff' or to simplify our lives.  It is sometimes difficult to find the time to do this and also can be quite emotional.
Jeffrey Tang calls this the 'clean-slate approach'.  Here's how it goes:
First step: Put away all of the clutter you are facing.  If it's old clothes, put them away in a box.  If it's emails, put them into a hidden folder.  If it's old toys, they too can be stored in a storage box.  Now the clutter is gone and you have a 'clean slate'.   Notice you haven't yet thrown anything away yet.
Second step: Continue on with your life.  If you find you need something you put away, go get it out of the storage item.  Otherwise. leave your items stored. 
Third step: When the time is right, sell, donate or throw away the items in storage.  You know you don't need them and by now there is probably less emotional attachment (if any) to the items that are stored.

A simple and succinct way to deal with clutter, simplify life and a time saver as well.  Something I noticed after we cleaned out the shed was a heightened feeling of being free.  The issue of clearing the shed, knowing a little about what was in there, was obviously weighing me down.  Sometimes areas of our homes weigh us down with clutter as well.  So now when I have to declutter, instead of having to allocate a time in my diary, I will find it much easier to tackle the declutter jobs.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to Normality

June's Lifescrap seemed to me to be a celebration of normality.  Life is every day looking more and more like we feel it should.  Being grateful for that, to me, is very important.  Enjoying my long stretches of minfulness.  Practicing mindfulness after going through a radar when I may or may not have been a little over the speed limit-when the not knowing is going to last for a couple of weeks at least.  Remembering to take big deep breaths and enjoying what the senses are picking up.  Staying with the healthy lifestyle and helping my family stay healthy as well.  Making more of a connection with some wonderful friends on Facebook who have fantastic senses of humour.  Enjoying my photography-it really does help you to take in the scenery.  Visiting family and friends and really enjoying their conversation.  Creating with something different-knitting and crocheting.  I could go on forever.  I really have been just enjoying each day.  What normality are you grateful for today and every day?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


I struggled which blog to post this to.  I guess in the end it doesn't really matter.  I was chatting with Mel yesterday.  We were both talking about our current challenges in regard to sounding like a fishwife when things aren't going how we would like them to go in any given circumstance when children are involved.

I don't yell and scream too loud (although I do welcome winter as the neighbors and our windows are closed mostly so they don't hear the ranting!) and mostly I am pretty calm and I like to look for the positives.  When I go off though, it's like there isn't an off button and I will go on for some time (some might say hours...) about what 'should' have been done or what is missing and how it could be fixed.  So much to the point yesterday where I even took to the road in this state and ended up cursing at the roadworks and the petrol bowser and my husband and lots of other things (the old addage about 10% is about what happens to you and 90% is about how you react to it comes to mind now).

Mel reminded me (in her ever so gently way) that a great way to express yourself when one of these situations arises (or attacks happen depending on who you are) is to express your feelings by saying "When you do this, I feel........."  Mel gave the example of when the kids are dawdling and you are in a hurry you can say "When you dawdle, I feel like you are wasting my time and that makes me cranky."

I thanked Mel for sharing and told her I was going to post it on my blog because maybe others could do with a reminder as well with it being school holidays and all.  I used to use this way to express my feelings when I worked in the corporate world.  Living a cruisy (is that a word) life gets you out of practice and I guess my son is really a very pliable and well behaved child and that keeps me out of practice as well.  So it was timely for me to receive this remind from Mel.

So I made a list (mostly for me but I'm happy to share) of things I can do instead of acting like a fishwife next time things aren't going my way with my son:
* Take a deep breath
* Walk away
* Phone the person/place where you are going to be going and let them know you will be running late
* Ask myself 'Does it really matter if the dvd's aren't back at the store on time?' Ha ha
* Sit in the car and wait
* Take a deep breath or two
* Try to be in the present instead of thinking all those things I think which make me cranky
* Go out into the back yard and scream (what will the neighbors think then?)
* Take two or three deep breaths
* Bury my head in a pillow and let it all out
* Bury my head in my hands and sigh

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What is the Reason?

When you set yourself a goal it is clear in your mind the reason behind setting the goal.  It is more than likely something isn't working in your life and you need to change it.  The reason why it isn't working (I more commonly refer to this as the pain you feel) can be important as a reminder when we become disillusioned with our goal or just plain slack.  If you do things out of 'habit' there is often less satisfaction in your life. 
Take stock of your goals and actions towards your goals and ask yourself "What is the reason I'm doing this?"  If you are unable to find an answer, it may be you are doing this out of habit.  There are a few ways to proceed if it is out of habit:
:You could keep doing it
:You could modify the actions so it does have a reason
:You could eliminate it from your actions
:You could completely replace it with another action that has a reason.
I recently did this with my Lifescrap 365 project.  I wasn't having as much fun with it as I thought I would.  I was simply doing it out of habit.  When I reassessed what I was doing, I took away some constraints and am now back to having fun with it.  What goal or action needs attention in your life?

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Many of us, I'm sure, have attended courses and training that required us to brainstorm a solution or exercise.  Brainstorming also plays a large part in achieving success in coaching as well.  If you are looking for a fresh idea or approach, grab a pen and paper and set a timer for 5 or 8 minutes. Write down every idea or thought that comes to your mind about that particular issue.  There is no dumb or silly idea, write them all down.
At the end of the time, you may find some of these ideas are impractical however you may find that perfect solution as well.  Whilst you are motivated and energised from your brainstorming session, write yourself a little action plan about how you will go about implementing that solution.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some inspiration

I found this great inspiration on my Facebook page.  Have a read and let me know what you think

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Poets know how constraints can be used to their advantage(rhymes, etc.).  What things do you see as constraints that you could turn into an advantage?  Perhaps you live on the outskirts of a big city and spend many hours travelling either on public transport or buy yourself.  What could you do with that time?  Read an audio book (or a real book), learn a language, use a voice recorder to record jobs you need to do, meditate(if you are a passenger, of course!).  Do you have to get up early for work?  What's the most beautiful sunrise you can capture on your camera? 
What are your constraints and how can they be of benefit to your life?  How can those restraints help you create or achieve?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mix It Up

Did you know that after 6-8 weeks our bodies and our minds can become bored if we maintain the same exercise routine? In February I joined a ladies only gym where they have machines and cardio pads set up around in a circle. When I went there to sign up, I was concerned that my body and I were going to get bored with that and wouldn't want to do it after a while. I haven't been for a few weeks (been taking walks with my boy) and when I went last week, I see they have changed the exercises on the cardio pads. At first I thought, 'I'm not going to do them, they are a little more complicated than what I'm used to and I might look silly.' Then one of the fitness trainers there came over to me while I was on one of the cardio pads and 'made' me do the exercise for that pad. It really was funny. It was a bit difficult at the start (I'm a little challenged, co-ordination wise when it comes to moving my arms and my legs in different directions at the same time). It was so much fun and got my heart rate going that's for sure. It also got the other ladies there talking and laughing and they started trying the new exercises as well.

So when it comes to your exercise routine, how can you change it up a bit? Maybe look for a new place to walk or jog. Maybe reduce walk/jog time and incorporate some 'weights' or core strengthening type of exercises. Maybe you can jog for some time and walk for some time(depending on your fitness levels and ability of course). If you have had the same gym program for a while now, ask for a new routine or go to a different class. Your body and mind will thank you. Remember to check with your doctor prior to exercising to make sure medically it's ok to do so.

April done!

Well the creative bug bit very hard in the last couple of days.  Things are looking up long term for my son and it has opened up a whole creative mental space.  Have a look at April's photos.  It also helped this month for me to take away some restrictions which actually opened up the possibilities of working towards my goals each day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taking the Pressure off

Firstly, please allow me to apologise (as I did on my other blog) for not posting here as often as I would like to.  I discovered over my Easter break, the computer is not always conducive to me being happy.  So I have been more focused on happiness provoking tasks.
It was amazing how that simple realization has helped.  I needed to remove the pressure of feeling like I had to be a certain person or do a certain thing.  With our family's health issues, I realised it was a learning time for me.  What I have learned about myself over the past 4 months has been that I really can change commitments; whether they are commitments to myself or commitments to others.  I have also learned that having less commitments in my diary is better for my family and being ok with having less commitments than I would like was a step for me.  And to quote my friend Fiona from Thursday night, life is like climbing Mt Warning.  You can only get there one step at a time.  If I don't know the answers today, having a goal of knowing all the answers in a week or two weeks may only be setting me up for a fall. When I get two weeks down the track and don't have the answers, what then?  My reaction has been to become upset because I had this goal and I didn't achieve it.  I don't need to have all the answers, I just need to know what my next step will be in finding the answers or as close to the answer as I can.  Knowing that I only need to focus on 'the next step' in the investigative journey is more manageable for me right now.  I guess you could say I'm eating the elephant, one bite at a time.  And when I'm finished this mouthful completely, then and only then will I attempt to take another bite.  And if this mouthful is too hard to chew or doesn't taste all that great, I can always get rid of that mouthful and take another bite from a different part of the elephant and see what it tastes like.  Eventually I will eat the whole thing.  All in good time.  What is the elephant you need to eat and where will your next bite come from?  Do you need to finish with chewing this mouthful because it doesn't taste all that good and take a bite from somewhere else?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Change the Rules!

I remember at the conception of this idea, my friend Mel reminded me that this project could be ever changing.  Even though we set some boundaries and guidelines at the start, sometimes life changes and therefore we might need to move the goal posts.  Well, I've decided today, that's what I'm doing.  Although my goals this year cover many areas of my life, I have felt over the last month that I have found myself enjoying things that aren't necessarily directly working towards my goals.  I've taken a photo of that moment of course however I haven't felt comfortable including it in my Lifescrap365 Journal as it's not DIRECTLY working towards my goals.
For this month and moving forward, I am going to take photos of what makes me happy for my journal.  The things that I get that internal warm feeling about; the feeling of gratitude.  Mostly it probably will be something that will move me towards my goals.  Other times, not so.  It may be something I do for simple enjoyment.
Is it time you reviewed the goal posts for your year?  If you need to, do it.  It's rewarding.  This week I have taken the plunge and decided to step a little further into another craft that I have dabbled in before.  The results that are happening in other areas of my life are amazing.  What is it that you can dabble in to get your mojo back?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photos of March

Well as things start to sort themselves out health wise with my family, I feel more motivated and inspired to create.  I have just this morning finished March's Lifescrap page.  Check out the slide show down the right hand side of the blog to see snippets of how I worked towards my goals last month.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catching up

My friend Mel, who co-writes a blog with me, sent me this link over the weekend to help keep me get back on track with Lifescrap365.  Really though, this link is great motivation for anyone.  Have a read:
It reminded me about all I have in my life and all I am grateful for and that, after all, is the reason we have goals in the first place, and definitely what I wanted to remind myself when setting out on this journey.  I hope you find some motivation for whatever you are doing in this message as well.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Is this the new normal?

Ok so issues, I've had a few this year. The latest, a huge water leak under our beautiful stone path that has already netted us a $350 excess water bill plus a $100 leak detector bill. Also today they say they want to test my boy for Celiac's disease. Anyway, I was feeling a bit slack about not doing a newsletter for my e-newsletter clients (there goes the mind again) and I sat down and wrote my latest newsletter. This year, I have been putting things off until my boy is better and I keep saying to myself, "I'll do that when things get back to normal". Then today, in the thinking behind the writing, I thought to myself "What if this is the new normal?". Last year was pretty easy for me. Cruisey, some might say. What if this is going to be my normal for sometime, until I get a new normal, whatever THAT might be? I have to start to adapt to my new normal. Instead of putting things off, I need to work out how I'm going to do what I want and need to do with this new normal.  So over the Easter break, my aim is to make a list of the things I have been putting off and also make a list of action I can take to make sure those things are done.  And maybe I'll put a rough time limit around them to so that I have an aim as to when I would like to have completed them by.  Mmmm, I'm excited at the prospect now of this being my new normal.  It's always nice to have a change and a positive challenge!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have just uploaded a photo on the Flickr photostream of my February page.  At last!  I had to add a photo of Mel's ear as it certainly got a work out over the month of Feb.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't, Not and No

Just this week, I was having a conversation with one of my clients who have finished their coaching with me and we were talking about something I shared with her in her last two sessions.  It stems from the Law Of Attraction by Michael Losier(  I will never forget the day I was first introduced to Michael's version of Law of Attraction.  See, I had watched 'The Secret' and attempted to read the book.  To me it all sounded very positive.  I just didn't know how to put it into practice completely in my life.  Then a friend invited me to join her at a breakfast with Michael Losier.  One of the first things he spoke about was removing don't, not and no from your vocabulary.  The reason behind this is that if you are using those words either in your 'out loud' talk or your self talk, you are focusing on the things you don't want in your life, therefore because that's what you're focusing on, that's what you are getting more of.
I remember leaving and driving over the Chevron Island bridge and suddenly being aware of all the times I had said don't, not and no in the last few minutes.  That day for me was a big wake up call.  The number of times I used those words was incredible and I would have said beforehand that I was a fairly positive person.
Of course he went on to explain that once you are aware of it you then have the opportunity to turn it around into a positive by asking yourself "So what do I want?".  The answer to this is of course the positive and for me, it is always what I should be putting my energies into.
My client said this also changed her life in a matter of days.  Once she knew about this, she too listened to how many times she said those words and when she did say them she asked herself "So what do I want" and she began thinking about how she wanted her life to be instead of how she didn't want it to be.
It was really great to be reminded of this.  I think over the last few weeks I had become a bit negative again.  I have been focusing on my son's ill health rather than focusing on the fact that he is getting healthier each day.  I have been focusing on the things around the house that I haven't done and the goals that I haven't been working towards instead of being grateful for what I have been able to achieve and being grateful for whatever progress I have made each day even if it is only one thing.  I can see as I type this, this is a common theme for me.  Perhaps it is for you too. 
Speaking with my client was just the reminder I needed for my life too.  No matter how many times you read, hear of speak about positive things, even if it's the same thing, it is always just what you need at that moment.  Thank you universe.  Surround youself with positive people and soak in their vibration at every opportunity.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My son did very well in hospital last week and I am pleased to say that the procedure was a success.  We are now on the road to recovery.  I took the opportunity to go away on a girl's weekend with a close friend of mine.  I had organised it weeks ago thinking we would be further down the track with the recovery than we were.  Didn't matter.  As it turned out it was perfect timing.  After my son spending 14 weeks almost constantly in my company, he certainly needed a break and to look to someone else to be the caregiver(for his own benefit as well as mine!)  Especially if he was going to attempt to get back to school and on with his recovering life.
Wow!  How good was it?  We did very little.  You know, shopping, talking, a few margaritas, some delicious food, watching the ocean and some light exercise (apart from shopping, that is!).  I did some reading and bought some new books and generally we did what we wanted.  A far cry from the previous weeks when demand for me from others was high!
My son asked me when we were in hospital last week, "Mum, what is therapy?" (one of our visitors in hospital had mentioned retail therapy).  I explained to him that therapy is something that you do that makes you feel really good afterwards.  My weekend away was certainly therapy.  Therapy for the soul.  Back at home now, I have had a renewed passion and motivation for life.  Although a weekend away may not be viable for everyone, it certainly is beneficial.  There are loads of other ways you could create a 'mini' getaway to renew your passion and motivation without spending the earth.  What about these:
1.  A half hour massage (had one of those this morning too!).  Doesn't take up the whole hour and is affordable.  If massage isn't your thing, what about a mini facial or a manicure or pedicure.
2.  A breakfast or lunch with a friend or friends.  Being surrounded by great people and laughing is fabulous for the soul.
3. A morning of shopping (or window shopping) with a friend or on your own. 
4.  Go to the beach or a favourite park and take a good book and a healthy picnic (you could invite a friend also).
5.  What about seeing a movie or renting a dvd and popping your own popcorn.  Turn off the lights, close the blinds and get the tissues.
6.  Last but not least, when the house is empty, I like to run a bath, light some candles, burn some nice essential oils and put on some relaxation music. 
But most of all, remember to breathe.  And breathe deeply.  Stay in the present or focus on your breathing.  And enjoy.  Have yourself a mini getaway sometime soon.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life's Challenges

I thought I would take the opportunity to let you know, the next time I post to my blog will probably be in a week or so, depending on what happens over the next few days.  My boy is hopefully going into hospital on Tuesday for a procedure to help to heal him and get him back to school.  He has been away from school for this whole year, so far. 
I'm not sure if you have had to prepare for something like this as a parent or caregiver.  Today has been making sure the washing is up to date, ironing everyone's clothes, cleaning a few areas of the house to make sure things will be clean for those still here whilst you are away, writing a grocery list so tomorrow I can get the items on the list, making sure there are fresh fruit and vegies in the house etc.  Actually, it's a little like going on a holiday (which is the positive spin we are putting on it).
While I'm standing there doing the ironing, I got to thinking (clearly not living in the present at that moment in time) that yet again, I have been motivated to taking a step towards one of my goals without even realising it.  Motivated by some might say external pressures, if there is such a thing.  I guess I could have only ironed what I needed (the ironing would still be there for me when I get home) or I could have left the floors and bathrooms dirty (they would have also been there ready for me when I get home).  The fact of the matter is I took the opportunity and motivation to get those jobs done.  One of my friends always say "If you want something done, give it to a busy person".  And I find it's true.  If I'm busy, I can achieve far more than if I am idle and have plenty of time to kill.  While I was on the roll, I also took the opportunity to say hello to you and keep you in the loop so you're not wondering why I haven't posted in a while.
Are you like that?  Do you find you get more done when you are busy?  Does that work against you?(often people know you are busy and they also know this saying and they will give things to you because they know you won't say no).  How does it help you achieve your goals?
Well, have a great week.  I know I will definitely have to live in the moment this week to keep the anxiety low and to be strong and calm.  I'll keep you posted on how it went.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Enjoying Food

When I was little, my Mum and Dad always nagged me to eat my dinner.  I distinctly remember sitting at the table for ages, being made to eat everything on my plate.  I still have that belief that I have to eat everything on my plate.  I find it challenging to leave food on my plate.  My goal this year of enjoying every mouthful of food is helping me create better eating habits.  I have noticed that if I actually pay attention to what I'm eating and eat slowly, savouring every mouthful, I am eating less.  I know it is said it takes 20 minutes for your tummy to recognise that you are hungry (or somewhere in that vicinity) but I noticed I was eating my dinner in 10 or so minutes.  Now it takes me a little longer; say 15 minutes, because I'm more focused on what I'm eating and enjoying how it tastes rather than just chewing it and swallowing it. I have also noticed when I'm finished, I'm finished.  I am no longer hungry.  I put my plate in the dishwasher and I'm gone to create or do something I enjoy.  I guess now I need to keep that going to try to change the belief that I have to eat everything on my plate.  Maybe I need to change that to 'I eat until I am no longer hungry' or something similar.  Do you have a belief like this that is stopping you from achieving what you want to achieve?  How can you change that belief so it upholds what you want to achieve? 

Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day.  International Women's Day celebrates the achievements of women in social, political and economic fields.  It began in 1909 in the United States however during the period from 1930's to 1960's due to the increased popularity of feminism, International Women's Day took a back seat.
This year the focus for International Women's Day is on women trying to escape armed conflict, facing intimidation and violence. (Taken from website; Only Kent).
Today is a perfect opportunity to think about all the amazing women who have been in your life and have made a positive impact in your life.  Who are they?  How have they made a positive impact on your life?  Would today be a perfect opportunity for you to say thank you to those amazing women?  Take a few moments today to say thanks for those amazing women.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Over the weekend, my brother, his wife and one of their daughters came to visit.  For me, I really got so much joy from their visit.  We all get along so well and they are really great people to be around.  When we spend time with extended family , mostly it is my husband's family.  I do love those family get togethers too.  As my parents have both passed away, I guess we don't have the big Christmas celebrations and other family get togethers that my husband's family do.  They also have farms so for them to get away, it means there has to be so much rain that there really is nothing they can do around the farm.  So when they come to visit or when we go to visit with them, it is always fun.  It's the same with my sister and her family as they live in Western Australia.
I love just hanging with family.  My goal of committing to spend positive time with family and friends is the easiest goal I have I think.  To have such great family and friends make it's easy.  Thanks for coming to visit, guys.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I follow a blog called Zen Habits.  Yesterday they posted this interesting article on Inspiration:  It got me to thinking what is inspiration for me. 

Here is their definition of Inspiration:
Many people think of it as an elusive quality that can’t be forced, and yet it can be found if you look for it.
Others think it’s a way to find ideas, but it’s more than ideas … it’s being moved to put those ideas into action.
Inspiration is finding something else that is divinely inspired (people, nature, amazing ideas), having that inspiration breathed into you (“breath” is the root of “inspiration”), and then taking action on it. Creating, doing, inspiring others.

Inspiration for me does come in many forms.  As the article suggests, it comes all the time and sometimes never(depending if your mind is clear and if you are present or not).  It is often harder for me to find inspiration if I'm searching for it.  Needless to say, it comes most easily when I am living in the present.  I have especially noticed this over the past 4 weeks with having my son in less than perfect health, and the constant worry that comes from a situation that you know needs to be fixed however you are helpless to take action; in fact you have to leave it up to others to provide you the answers of what that action is and you must follow their directions. 
I had very little inspiration.  In fact I struggled to write articles for my blogs or write my usual newsletter and I couldn't work out why as these are things I really enjoy.  Then when I read this article from Zen Habits, I realised it may have been due to my almost constant worry.  So this morning when inspiration came at some extreme hour, I capitalised on it.  I got up and began to scrap.  I created so many pages that I had to actually force myself to stop.  It was like the flood gates of creating had opened.
My son had his first day of full health yesterday and obviously that went a long way to ending the worry.  Although it's unsure if he is fully recovered yet; we still have some work to do with him, at least I know he is on the road to recovery. 
My inspiration often comes in the middle of the night in my sleep like it did this morning.  I'm not sure why or how.  I like to have a book beside my bed to write down ideas as they come, otherwise I am so excited I can't ever go back to sleep.  I find if I write them down, then I sleep with ease, knowing the idea has been captured.
The other ways I can think of that I get inspiration are listed below:
*my friends and family
*watching dvd's (like 'how to' or training dvd's),
*the internet of course (things like blogs, Facebook posts, some quotes, Youtube, etc)
*reading books
*catalogues and home shopping brochures

What is it that you receive inspiration from? 

You can read the complete Zen Habits article here:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Create and Heal

Today, while I was waiting for my computer to start up, I was sitting here (in a bit of a daze mind you as I have not long woken up) loosely planning my day.  I was thinking mostly about my free time this afternoon.  Through the week I purchased the ingredients to make Choc Cherry Ripe Muffins so I'm going to make some of them as a treat for my family.  Then I will have a couple of hours to myself, after dinner so I plan to create and scrap.  Anyway, in my dreamy, just out of bed kind of way, I looked at my Louise Hay Desk Calendar which still had yesterday's date page and affirmation on it and I leaned over to rip it off to see what today's affirmation is.  The universe is a funny old thing really, isn't it?  Today's affirmation is:  I am peaceful when I am creative.  I let creative juices flow through me as a healing force.  Beauty just naturally manifests itself.  It still amazes me every time life and the universe line up like this.  It exhilirates me and leaves me knowing that at times like this I have definitely found the path that was meant for me.
Anyway, by now your mouth is probably watering for the Choc Cherry Ripe Muffins so I thought I would include the recipe.  I haven't yet made these but they sound easy and divine.  Enjoy!
1 1/2 cups of SR Flour
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1 cup castor sugar
2 eggs lightly beaten
90g butter, melted
1 cup milk
1/2 cup white choc bits
2 x 55g(there are actually 53g now I believe) Cherry Ripe Bars finely chopped
Melted chocolate and extra chopped Cherry Ripe bars to decorate
Preheat oven to 190 C.  Line 16 holes of 2 12 hole muffin pans with paper cases (1/3 cup capacity).  Combine sifted flour and cocoa with sugr in a large bowl.  Stir in egg, butter, milk, Choc Bits and Cherry Ripe until just combined.  Spoon 1/4 cup of mixture into each paper case.  Cook for 20 minutes or until cooked when tested with a skewer in the middle.  Remove from pans and cool on a wire rack.  To decorate muffins, spread some melted chocolate in the centre of the muffin (when cooled completely) and then top with a piece of chopped Cherry Ripe.
I would like to give credit to someone for this recipe however I'm not too sure where this recipe is from as it is one I have collected over the years.  I tend to cut them out of magazines.  It looks like it could be from a New Idea magazine (as it's titled New Food) and there is a lady by the name of Barbara Northwood featured throughout the article.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Action

On Saturday, I attended my very first Podcamp.  My accountant (Leiza Cole )sent me a copy of a brochure she had on Podcamp for new media enthusiasts.  I have only just taken my business to Leiza and she already understands more about me (knowing that I am interested in new media) than my previous accountant did over about 15 years.

So I enrolled in Podcampgc.  Initially, I guess I saw it as an opportunity to network.  Keeping in mind one of my goals this year is to network once a month, that was my primary goal to fulfill.  I was keen to learn new things also as I have a long term goal to build my own website and host it.  When I enrolled, I had no idea what a Podcamp was.  The spiel said it was an unconference for people who were interested in new media; bloggers, podcasters, people interested in social networking and sharing photos online.  I knew if I went I would be amongst like minded people.

You know sometimes when you attend "training" or seminars, you can get those little butterflies in your tummy?  Not me on Saturday morning.  I had no fears about the day, only excitement.  I love it when that happens.  To me it indicates I'm on the right path.

What I got from Podcamp was amazing.  I learned so much information about all things 'new media'.  When I got home I was keen to start putting all the things I had learned into practice right away.

I also met some fantastic people who I have connected with on Twitter and Facebook and I heard some amazing success stories using new media.

Thank you, Gold Coast City Council, as the Podcamp was FREE!  You can find out more about upcoming free seminars on a range of topics here:  If you aren't on the Gold Coast, check out your local council or library to see what they offer.  If they don't offer anything, where else could you go in your community to learn and network on something you are passionate about?  Ask around.

Well I guess I can actually give a big tick for my networking goal this month!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Remember this!

Are you a person who either by choice or by circumstance spends quite some time on a computer throughtout your day?  Here's what I do.  Down the right hand side of my screen I have screen widgets (I'm not sure if that is the technical term-that's what I'm calling them).  I can add different ones and take them away depending on what I feel like.  At present I have the date in desk calendar view, the time on a round faced clock and a little rectangle that tells me the current temperature and weather here on the sunny(?) Gold Coast.  Recently, my friend showed me that there is also a widget which looks like a sticky note pad.  This year I loaded that up on my screen and I have been putting little reminders up there.  I'm not using it for the general day to day 'to do' list.  At the moment, it says....... (just had to check) 'Join Gym'. 
One of my goals this year is to make healthier food and exercise choices (although that did go out the window with the wedges I had for my special lunch with Mel today-hoping I can make that up with a nice refreshing salad for dinner and I did go to gym this morning....).  One of the actions I have chosen is to join a gym as the gym I was a member of went unisex.  I have taken action to join a gym (visited a couple to get the feel, got some free passes and used them, spoken to friends) I still haven't 'joined' a gym.  Everytime I log on my computer, it is there in the top right hand corner to remind me and as I feel I have decided which gym I am going to join, I now have it in my diary to sign up on Thursday.  Then I will need to decide what the next thing is that needs to go on there.  I think I might make it 'Watch my inspiration dvd' as I'm still having a challenge remembering that too.  Or it could be 'Remember healthy choices'.
Might this be a way to help you stay motivated and on track as well?  If you need some help loading up the 'widget' feel free to contact me, I'm only to happy to help. 

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More progress

I have uploaded some photos today of the first 3 pages of my album, completed.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Big Aha Moment

Well today, I was sitting at my creative desk, scrapping my title page for Life Scrap 365 when it happened.  I was busy creating, with a clear mind, and this thought came through to me.  If you have read my previous post you will know that my boy has been (and still is) unwell.  I managed to convince him to attempt to go to school for a few hours today and he went off to school at 11.45.  It looks like his condition is going to be best regulated with mainly diet and exercise.
I am feeling quite drained with lack of sleep for a week and a half, living in a constant state of checking my boy and making him sachets of remedy and administering medication and little or no recharge time for myself. I had been thinking negatively earlier this morning that I hadn't really done anything towards my goals this year (even though I posted previously about my great patience, it has started to wane).  Anyway, there I was creating; blank mind and I suddenly realised that one of my goals this year is to make healthy food and exercise choices.  Well, hello?  What the heck have I just spent a week and a half focused on night and day, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week (slight exaggeration, I know!).  Perhaps if I had of paid more attention to this area earlier, I may not have had to receive the life lesson so harshly.
So again, how do I record that with a picture?  Take a photo of my sick boy-not likely.  I'm thankful for this space to record that I have been working tirelessly and diligently on my goals, even though it wasn't that obvious at first.
Is there a goal you may have been working on tirelessly and diligently that you haven't quite celebrated?  Sigh....I feel regenerated now.  The positive energy has returned!

Friday, January 29, 2010

No Posts?

I've have been busy sorting a few things out for my son over the last couple of days and I have been thinking "Well what action have I taken toward my goals?  What can I record?".  A bit of background.  My son has been sick since, well, last week really.  It got extremely bad on Monday, to the point where he couldn't get off the couch.  Monday and Tuesday were spent laying low as he really didn't want me out of his sights.  So then, when he couldn't go to school on Wednesday we set off on a path of discovery to attempt to get some answers a) about his health and b) about some issues that had been on his mind about school.
So that's what I've been busy doing.  Spent a lot of time lying with my son doing what I normally would call 'nothing'.  Then, I saw it from a different perspective.  One of my goals this year is to spend positive time with family and friends.  I have just spent 5 full days on this goal.  In the past, I probably would have cussed and been unhappy at spending 5 days not really being able to work or do anything that I would normally do.  With a change on perspective that this challenge has bought about for me, I have found I have really embraced this time with my son and been more loving (which is of course what he needs to heal) with him and far more patient than I ever thought I was.  So, although I can't record this in my journal with a photo (even though I have plenty of doctor's receipts and an x-ray to include) I still have been diligently and lovingly been working towards my goals.  Does this ring any bells with you?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Wonderful Message

With the writer's permission, I wanted to share with you an email that arrived in my inbox a few days ago.  It is words like this that make my blog worthwhile and inspires me to keep writing.  Thank you so very much for your kind words and feedback.

Hi Jill,
I visited you blog and you have inspied me to take my goals to the next level.. In the past my vision boards have been highlighted with material posessions and I have come along way since then. Discovering the motive behind wanting these things and the happiness I thought they would bring was not the kind of happiness I was seeking. I have read some amazing books over the past 3 months and have been awakening in an amazing way. Before the new year I decided that my Goals for 2010 are focusing on my spiritual journey, financial stability, fun and loving relationships with my boys, family and friends, and finally building a successful coaching business. I love the idea of lifescrap 365 as I have begun writing a journal already this year, and the fun and recognition on a daily basis to stay focused and positive on goals. It has all inspired me and I will start today to create my vision board..

I am grateful for your inspiring blogs and emails, its fantastic and helpful reminder of the value and importance of moving forward and why we do what we do.

It was a challenge

You know, since I set my goals in the first week of January, I have found it challenging to do any action towards one.  And it's an easy one(well now I can say that!).  I have made a dvd which only runs for 5 minutes.  It has inspirational pictures and affirmations and the idea behind it is if you watch it every day for so many days (can't remember how many) then the affirmations will integrate in your life.  You know instead of you saying to yourself 'Gee I really need to paint those walls" (as an example), you can repeat your affirmation "I have the perfect living space".
Anyway, I just couldn't put this goal into practice.  I was watching it every morning near the end of last year and with holidays, it seemed to go out the window(sometimes understandably when I had no way to watch it). 
Well, I am proud to say, I have managed to watch it this morning.  It already seems a little bit easier for me to be able to watch it tomorrow, and the next morning, and so on.  I had to work out the easiest way to incorporate it into my day.  I have put it with my computer so when I turn it on every day it is there to remind me it would be great if I watched it. 
Do you have a goal you haven't been able to make a start on?  What could you do to make this goal easier to crack?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Vision board Up

Well, yesterday saw the completion of my visionboard.  Can't stop looking at it.  Not a fantastic photo I know.  This sits on my wall right in front of my computer. 
Many things came to light over the period of creating my vision board.
I have decided to join a new gym this year.  The gym I was going to (although hadn't actually 'gone to' for a fair few months) has gone unisex.  I found the atmosphere there had changed since the new owners had taken over and that is why I had stopped going (or that is what I told myself anyway).  There were other reasons too, so now I am on a mission to find a ladies only gym with hours that suit and a speedy yet effective program or a 'new' 24 hour gym.  Will weigh up the pros and cons.
I also decided this year might be a great year to update my car.  I have already done some research and am excited about the prospects. 
And last night, I spent a wonderful few hours with a friend.  We went out for mexican and had some great laughs.  It really was a fun time.  I am very grateful for the fun times with my friends.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My goals

So I'm thinking, if I am going to publish to the world the action I'm taking each day towards my goals, the world needs to know what my goals are really.
So, world, here they are:
I commit to making healthy food and exercise choices every day in 2010.
I commit to enjoying every mouthful of food in 2010.
I commit to spending valuable positive time with my family and/or friends in 2010.
I commit to attending a networking event at least once a month in 2010.
I commit to writing, trialling and promoting a minimum of 1 new program for my clients in 2010.

Today, as I have had an hour or so where my son has been at a friend's house, I have taken a few creative steps towards my visionboard.  I have had my goals written down since early January.  And have had the picture in my mind of what it was going to look like finished.  I find it challenging to scrapbook with my son around.  He's a fantastic kid.  He is very creative himself, so when we get creative together we tend to do things that are more suitable for him and I together.  Scrapbooking (which is how I create my visionboard) is not really one of his interests.

I'm loving the colours of my new visionboard.  They are vibrant (like my year is going to be!). Pinks, lime greens and chocolate browns(photo below). 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So What Are The Ins and Outs of This Challenge?

Keeping in with my theme of having fun, you will sometimes find my blogs as an attempt at humour; other times you will find it's business as usual.  So as one of the project managers for Two Friends and a Light Bulb here goes my own personal recount of life scraps 365 to help inspire you to project manage your life this year as well.
Step One:  Work out what the heck you want to project manage about your life this year?  Do you want to keep a creative record of your year? Do you want to keep a record of what you did to achieve your goals or perhaps your husband has left you for a nympho bimbo and finally you are free.
Step Two:  Work out how much of your life is going to be project managed this year.  Do you want to take photos everyday and do loads of journalling and spend at least two hours every day on it?  Do you have 5 minutes a week to spend documenting your life and no camera?  Or is it somewhere in between?  Write down what you commit to doing and keep it close by at all times with your project.
Step Three:  Now get to it.  Make a list of what supplies you need.  Do you need to put a notepad in your handbag?  Do you need to find out how to use the camera function on your phone?  Work out whatever it will take to project manage your life this year.
Step Four: Before you start, remember this.  It has to be fun.  F-U-N!  And look at life outside the square.  If you didn't take a phote, include a receipt or a ticket stub.  What about a drawing or sketch?  A doodle that you did on the phone, a note from the hubby or kids.  A bus or train ticket, a to-do list or grocery list, etc.  You get the idea?

Some other things to also contemplate:
This is about being successful.  Sometimes with goals you can get off track.  When you do, just get back on track as soon as you can.  Better than throwing in the towel and saying it's all too hard.  If you need extra motivation, a coach is particularly great to use at this time.
If something happens and you miss a commitment, berating yourself is not going to help.  As above, get back on track. 
If something changes in your life and the commitment is too little or too much, it is better to revisit and change your commitment than to drop it all together.
Ask yourself, is this fun?  When the answer is no, change what you are doing.  Make a list of what you think would make this more fun.  That is why Mel and I have chosen to work on this together.
Having your own coach is of course the best and fastest way to achieve your goals.  If any of the above scenarios happen over the period of this year, it is seriously worth considering getting yourself a coach.

So add me to your favourites, comment on my blog every time you visit, let me know if you are in or if you would like to be in at some stage or whatever, feel free to share.  And if you think your family or friends would like to project manage their lives too, please share this link with them. 

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and start project managing your life.  You only get one crack at it, it might as well be fun and the best it can be!

A New Way to Achieve Your Goals

Welcome to Inspire, Motivate, Create, Achieve.  It took roughly 5 mins from the beginning of a conversation with my dear friend Mel for this idea to mutate from discussing fabric rosetters to embarking on a journey of a different kind this year.  Mel mentioned an idea she had heard about by Becky Higgins (

So what's it about?  It's about having focus on making your life more about what YOU want it to look like each and every day.  It's about focusing on your goals everyday; about keeping an eye out for the action you take each and every day towards achieving what you want in life.
We have a blog for the challenge; here is the link .  What I chose for myself is to record daily the action I have taken towards my goals this year.  It may be in the form of a photo, it may be in the form of something else.  It's all about recognising what I do on a daily basis to work towards my goals.

A lot of the time we focus on what we didn't do or we get to the end of the year and say 'Well I didn't balance work with home life very well this year'.  It may well be that where possible you did.  Your mind plays tricks on you sometimes and only points out the negative things that you do.  So by keeping an eye out for what I do each day towards my goals it helps me think about my goals and it keeps me focused on the positives.

There are other positive affects as well:
It may help to identify and eliminate things that work against us achieving our goals on a daily basis.
It may help us to see lots of things from a different perspective not just our action towards our goals.
It will help us keep on track with our goals as there will be some thought each day about what our goals are and what we are doing towards them.
Ultimately, this will help us to achieve our goals and maybe even help us to achieve them earlier than expected.