Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Action

On Saturday, I attended my very first Podcamp.  My accountant (Leiza Cole )sent me a copy of a brochure she had on Podcamp for new media enthusiasts.  I have only just taken my business to Leiza and she already understands more about me (knowing that I am interested in new media) than my previous accountant did over about 15 years.

So I enrolled in Podcampgc.  Initially, I guess I saw it as an opportunity to network.  Keeping in mind one of my goals this year is to network once a month, that was my primary goal to fulfill.  I was keen to learn new things also as I have a long term goal to build my own website and host it.  When I enrolled, I had no idea what a Podcamp was.  The spiel said it was an unconference for people who were interested in new media; bloggers, podcasters, people interested in social networking and sharing photos online.  I knew if I went I would be amongst like minded people.

You know sometimes when you attend "training" or seminars, you can get those little butterflies in your tummy?  Not me on Saturday morning.  I had no fears about the day, only excitement.  I love it when that happens.  To me it indicates I'm on the right path.

What I got from Podcamp was amazing.  I learned so much information about all things 'new media'.  When I got home I was keen to start putting all the things I had learned into practice right away.

I also met some fantastic people who I have connected with on Twitter and Facebook and I heard some amazing success stories using new media.

Thank you, Gold Coast City Council, as the Podcamp was FREE!  You can find out more about upcoming free seminars on a range of topics here:  If you aren't on the Gold Coast, check out your local council or library to see what they offer.  If they don't offer anything, where else could you go in your community to learn and network on something you are passionate about?  Ask around.

Well I guess I can actually give a big tick for my networking goal this month!

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