Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Big Aha Moment

Well today, I was sitting at my creative desk, scrapping my title page for Life Scrap 365 when it happened.  I was busy creating, with a clear mind, and this thought came through to me.  If you have read my previous post you will know that my boy has been (and still is) unwell.  I managed to convince him to attempt to go to school for a few hours today and he went off to school at 11.45.  It looks like his condition is going to be best regulated with mainly diet and exercise.
I am feeling quite drained with lack of sleep for a week and a half, living in a constant state of checking my boy and making him sachets of remedy and administering medication and little or no recharge time for myself. I had been thinking negatively earlier this morning that I hadn't really done anything towards my goals this year (even though I posted previously about my great patience, it has started to wane).  Anyway, there I was creating; blank mind and I suddenly realised that one of my goals this year is to make healthy food and exercise choices.  Well, hello?  What the heck have I just spent a week and a half focused on night and day, 25 hours a day, 8 days a week (slight exaggeration, I know!).  Perhaps if I had of paid more attention to this area earlier, I may not have had to receive the life lesson so harshly.
So again, how do I record that with a picture?  Take a photo of my sick boy-not likely.  I'm thankful for this space to record that I have been working tirelessly and diligently on my goals, even though it wasn't that obvious at first.
Is there a goal you may have been working on tirelessly and diligently that you haven't quite celebrated?  Sigh....I feel regenerated now.  The positive energy has returned!

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