Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Remember this!

Are you a person who either by choice or by circumstance spends quite some time on a computer throughtout your day?  Here's what I do.  Down the right hand side of my screen I have screen widgets (I'm not sure if that is the technical term-that's what I'm calling them).  I can add different ones and take them away depending on what I feel like.  At present I have the date in desk calendar view, the time on a round faced clock and a little rectangle that tells me the current temperature and weather here on the sunny(?) Gold Coast.  Recently, my friend showed me that there is also a widget which looks like a sticky note pad.  This year I loaded that up on my screen and I have been putting little reminders up there.  I'm not using it for the general day to day 'to do' list.  At the moment, it says....... (just had to check) 'Join Gym'. 
One of my goals this year is to make healthier food and exercise choices (although that did go out the window with the wedges I had for my special lunch with Mel today-hoping I can make that up with a nice refreshing salad for dinner and I did go to gym this morning....).  One of the actions I have chosen is to join a gym as the gym I was a member of went unisex.  I have taken action to join a gym (visited a couple to get the feel, got some free passes and used them, spoken to friends) I still haven't 'joined' a gym.  Everytime I log on my computer, it is there in the top right hand corner to remind me and as I feel I have decided which gym I am going to join, I now have it in my diary to sign up on Thursday.  Then I will need to decide what the next thing is that needs to go on there.  I think I might make it 'Watch my inspiration dvd' as I'm still having a challenge remembering that too.  Or it could be 'Remember healthy choices'.
Might this be a way to help you stay motivated and on track as well?  If you need some help loading up the 'widget' feel free to contact me, I'm only to happy to help. 

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