Monday, March 29, 2010

Is this the new normal?

Ok so issues, I've had a few this year. The latest, a huge water leak under our beautiful stone path that has already netted us a $350 excess water bill plus a $100 leak detector bill. Also today they say they want to test my boy for Celiac's disease. Anyway, I was feeling a bit slack about not doing a newsletter for my e-newsletter clients (there goes the mind again) and I sat down and wrote my latest newsletter. This year, I have been putting things off until my boy is better and I keep saying to myself, "I'll do that when things get back to normal". Then today, in the thinking behind the writing, I thought to myself "What if this is the new normal?". Last year was pretty easy for me. Cruisey, some might say. What if this is going to be my normal for sometime, until I get a new normal, whatever THAT might be? I have to start to adapt to my new normal. Instead of putting things off, I need to work out how I'm going to do what I want and need to do with this new normal.  So over the Easter break, my aim is to make a list of the things I have been putting off and also make a list of action I can take to make sure those things are done.  And maybe I'll put a rough time limit around them to so that I have an aim as to when I would like to have completed them by.  Mmmm, I'm excited at the prospect now of this being my new normal.  It's always nice to have a change and a positive challenge!

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