Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life's Challenges

I thought I would take the opportunity to let you know, the next time I post to my blog will probably be in a week or so, depending on what happens over the next few days.  My boy is hopefully going into hospital on Tuesday for a procedure to help to heal him and get him back to school.  He has been away from school for this whole year, so far. 
I'm not sure if you have had to prepare for something like this as a parent or caregiver.  Today has been making sure the washing is up to date, ironing everyone's clothes, cleaning a few areas of the house to make sure things will be clean for those still here whilst you are away, writing a grocery list so tomorrow I can get the items on the list, making sure there are fresh fruit and vegies in the house etc.  Actually, it's a little like going on a holiday (which is the positive spin we are putting on it).
While I'm standing there doing the ironing, I got to thinking (clearly not living in the present at that moment in time) that yet again, I have been motivated to taking a step towards one of my goals without even realising it.  Motivated by some might say external pressures, if there is such a thing.  I guess I could have only ironed what I needed (the ironing would still be there for me when I get home) or I could have left the floors and bathrooms dirty (they would have also been there ready for me when I get home).  The fact of the matter is I took the opportunity and motivation to get those jobs done.  One of my friends always say "If you want something done, give it to a busy person".  And I find it's true.  If I'm busy, I can achieve far more than if I am idle and have plenty of time to kill.  While I was on the roll, I also took the opportunity to say hello to you and keep you in the loop so you're not wondering why I haven't posted in a while.
Are you like that?  Do you find you get more done when you are busy?  Does that work against you?(often people know you are busy and they also know this saying and they will give things to you because they know you won't say no).  How does it help you achieve your goals?
Well, have a great week.  I know I will definitely have to live in the moment this week to keep the anxiety low and to be strong and calm.  I'll keep you posted on how it went.

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