Sunday, March 7, 2010


Over the weekend, my brother, his wife and one of their daughters came to visit.  For me, I really got so much joy from their visit.  We all get along so well and they are really great people to be around.  When we spend time with extended family , mostly it is my husband's family.  I do love those family get togethers too.  As my parents have both passed away, I guess we don't have the big Christmas celebrations and other family get togethers that my husband's family do.  They also have farms so for them to get away, it means there has to be so much rain that there really is nothing they can do around the farm.  So when they come to visit or when we go to visit with them, it is always fun.  It's the same with my sister and her family as they live in Western Australia.
I love just hanging with family.  My goal of committing to spend positive time with family and friends is the easiest goal I have I think.  To have such great family and friends make it's easy.  Thanks for coming to visit, guys.

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