Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My son did very well in hospital last week and I am pleased to say that the procedure was a success.  We are now on the road to recovery.  I took the opportunity to go away on a girl's weekend with a close friend of mine.  I had organised it weeks ago thinking we would be further down the track with the recovery than we were.  Didn't matter.  As it turned out it was perfect timing.  After my son spending 14 weeks almost constantly in my company, he certainly needed a break and to look to someone else to be the caregiver(for his own benefit as well as mine!)  Especially if he was going to attempt to get back to school and on with his recovering life.
Wow!  How good was it?  We did very little.  You know, shopping, talking, a few margaritas, some delicious food, watching the ocean and some light exercise (apart from shopping, that is!).  I did some reading and bought some new books and generally we did what we wanted.  A far cry from the previous weeks when demand for me from others was high!
My son asked me when we were in hospital last week, "Mum, what is therapy?" (one of our visitors in hospital had mentioned retail therapy).  I explained to him that therapy is something that you do that makes you feel really good afterwards.  My weekend away was certainly therapy.  Therapy for the soul.  Back at home now, I have had a renewed passion and motivation for life.  Although a weekend away may not be viable for everyone, it certainly is beneficial.  There are loads of other ways you could create a 'mini' getaway to renew your passion and motivation without spending the earth.  What about these:
1.  A half hour massage (had one of those this morning too!).  Doesn't take up the whole hour and is affordable.  If massage isn't your thing, what about a mini facial or a manicure or pedicure.
2.  A breakfast or lunch with a friend or friends.  Being surrounded by great people and laughing is fabulous for the soul.
3. A morning of shopping (or window shopping) with a friend or on your own. 
4.  Go to the beach or a favourite park and take a good book and a healthy picnic (you could invite a friend also).
5.  What about seeing a movie or renting a dvd and popping your own popcorn.  Turn off the lights, close the blinds and get the tissues.
6.  Last but not least, when the house is empty, I like to run a bath, light some candles, burn some nice essential oils and put on some relaxation music. 
But most of all, remember to breathe.  And breathe deeply.  Stay in the present or focus on your breathing.  And enjoy.  Have yourself a mini getaway sometime soon.

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Lady Di said...

I'm so glad Jacob's surgery was a success ... will give you a buzz soon to have a catch up.