Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It was a challenge

You know, since I set my goals in the first week of January, I have found it challenging to do any action towards one.  And it's an easy one(well now I can say that!).  I have made a dvd which only runs for 5 minutes.  It has inspirational pictures and affirmations and the idea behind it is if you watch it every day for so many days (can't remember how many) then the affirmations will integrate in your life.  You know instead of you saying to yourself 'Gee I really need to paint those walls" (as an example), you can repeat your affirmation "I have the perfect living space".
Anyway, I just couldn't put this goal into practice.  I was watching it every morning near the end of last year and with holidays, it seemed to go out the window(sometimes understandably when I had no way to watch it). 
Well, I am proud to say, I have managed to watch it this morning.  It already seems a little bit easier for me to be able to watch it tomorrow, and the next morning, and so on.  I had to work out the easiest way to incorporate it into my day.  I have put it with my computer so when I turn it on every day it is there to remind me it would be great if I watched it. 
Do you have a goal you haven't been able to make a start on?  What could you do to make this goal easier to crack?

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