Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So What Are The Ins and Outs of This Challenge?

Keeping in with my theme of having fun, you will sometimes find my blogs as an attempt at humour; other times you will find it's business as usual.  So as one of the project managers for Two Friends and a Light Bulb here goes my own personal recount of life scraps 365 to help inspire you to project manage your life this year as well.
Step One:  Work out what the heck you want to project manage about your life this year?  Do you want to keep a creative record of your year? Do you want to keep a record of what you did to achieve your goals or perhaps your husband has left you for a nympho bimbo and finally you are free.
Step Two:  Work out how much of your life is going to be project managed this year.  Do you want to take photos everyday and do loads of journalling and spend at least two hours every day on it?  Do you have 5 minutes a week to spend documenting your life and no camera?  Or is it somewhere in between?  Write down what you commit to doing and keep it close by at all times with your project.
Step Three:  Now get to it.  Make a list of what supplies you need.  Do you need to put a notepad in your handbag?  Do you need to find out how to use the camera function on your phone?  Work out whatever it will take to project manage your life this year.
Step Four: Before you start, remember this.  It has to be fun.  F-U-N!  And look at life outside the square.  If you didn't take a phote, include a receipt or a ticket stub.  What about a drawing or sketch?  A doodle that you did on the phone, a note from the hubby or kids.  A bus or train ticket, a to-do list or grocery list, etc.  You get the idea?

Some other things to also contemplate:
This is about being successful.  Sometimes with goals you can get off track.  When you do, just get back on track as soon as you can.  Better than throwing in the towel and saying it's all too hard.  If you need extra motivation, a coach is particularly great to use at this time.
If something happens and you miss a commitment, berating yourself is not going to help.  As above, get back on track. 
If something changes in your life and the commitment is too little or too much, it is better to revisit and change your commitment than to drop it all together.
Ask yourself, is this fun?  When the answer is no, change what you are doing.  Make a list of what you think would make this more fun.  That is why Mel and I have chosen to work on this together.
Having your own coach is of course the best and fastest way to achieve your goals.  If any of the above scenarios happen over the period of this year, it is seriously worth considering getting yourself a coach.

So add me to your favourites, comment on my blog every time you visit, let me know if you are in or if you would like to be in at some stage or whatever, feel free to share.  And if you think your family or friends would like to project manage their lives too, please share this link with them. 

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and start project managing your life.  You only get one crack at it, it might as well be fun and the best it can be!

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