Thursday, January 21, 2010

My goals

So I'm thinking, if I am going to publish to the world the action I'm taking each day towards my goals, the world needs to know what my goals are really.
So, world, here they are:
I commit to making healthy food and exercise choices every day in 2010.
I commit to enjoying every mouthful of food in 2010.
I commit to spending valuable positive time with my family and/or friends in 2010.
I commit to attending a networking event at least once a month in 2010.
I commit to writing, trialling and promoting a minimum of 1 new program for my clients in 2010.

Today, as I have had an hour or so where my son has been at a friend's house, I have taken a few creative steps towards my visionboard.  I have had my goals written down since early January.  And have had the picture in my mind of what it was going to look like finished.  I find it challenging to scrapbook with my son around.  He's a fantastic kid.  He is very creative himself, so when we get creative together we tend to do things that are more suitable for him and I together.  Scrapbooking (which is how I create my visionboard) is not really one of his interests.

I'm loving the colours of my new visionboard.  They are vibrant (like my year is going to be!). Pinks, lime greens and chocolate browns(photo below). 


Lena said...

I usually put my goals for the world to know when I want to get an extra motivation. I don't want to give the world the reason to say I lied. So I do work on my goals :D

Jill Brown said...

I hear you, Lena. Almost a sure fire way to keep me on track as well