Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Change the Rules!

I remember at the conception of this idea, my friend Mel reminded me that this project could be ever changing.  Even though we set some boundaries and guidelines at the start, sometimes life changes and therefore we might need to move the goal posts.  Well, I've decided today, that's what I'm doing.  Although my goals this year cover many areas of my life, I have felt over the last month that I have found myself enjoying things that aren't necessarily directly working towards my goals.  I've taken a photo of that moment of course however I haven't felt comfortable including it in my Lifescrap365 Journal as it's not DIRECTLY working towards my goals.
For this month and moving forward, I am going to take photos of what makes me happy for my journal.  The things that I get that internal warm feeling about; the feeling of gratitude.  Mostly it probably will be something that will move me towards my goals.  Other times, not so.  It may be something I do for simple enjoyment.
Is it time you reviewed the goal posts for your year?  If you need to, do it.  It's rewarding.  This week I have taken the plunge and decided to step a little further into another craft that I have dabbled in before.  The results that are happening in other areas of my life are amazing.  What is it that you can dabble in to get your mojo back?


Lady Di said...

I've had fun reading your blog tonight ... I'm so unmotivated at the moment and feeling overwhelmed just thinking about everything I have to do ... not to mention I started working full time again this week as well. Just gotta breathe I guess ... say hi to Mel for me and I love your Lifescrap365 idea, it's fabulous and I wish I could see it in the flesh.

Jill Brown said...

Will do. Maybe when you are up you can have a look. That's that old too many choices thing that you shared with us at that meeting. That overwhelming feeling is so overwhelming! (My attempt at humour and cheering you up :-). Hope it goes away soon.