Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year, An Uncoiled Me!

Happy New Year!  Let me say the New Year has started off with a bang (some awesome fireworks at Broadbeach last night) and me already speaking my mind to my husband!  This year I am looking at a change for Inspire, Motivate, Create, Achieve in conjunction with Lifescrap365.  As you may (or may not) know last year, my friend Mel and I together started a project called Lifescrap365.  It consisted of us recording our year with snapshots of our life and recording it through two very different scrapbooks.  I also utilised this blog as well as our other blog ( to record my journey and ideas. 
This year, in keeping with the idea of Lifescrap365, I am setting out to discover the best version of me.  To record this journey, my intention is to take a photo each and every day of me.  Sometimes it might be accompanied by words, sometimes not.  I won't always look my best (I'm sure I will for a while until I get used to the idea of sharing a photo of me with the whole world!), in fact sometimes I'm sure I will look far from it.  The idea is to record the journey of me this year; and whatever that brings with it.  So you will see me at my best and I'm sure at my worst (although for your sake I will try to keep that to a minimum so as not to scar you for life!)
I thought this year my visionboard will be different as well.  Instead of putting up things I want to achieve (goals), my visionboard is going to more about discovering the unknown (not sure how that will look yet; let's just say I'm working on it).  It will be interesting to see in December 2011, which looks so far away from now, what my journey looks like for the year.
Let me tell you a little bit about how this all came about.  In August, Mel gave me a challenge that she thought 9 photos a month was not enough so she thought I should do more.  I rose to the challenge and posted a photo every day.  By the time September rolled around, I actually missed posting every day.  So I knew in 2011 I wanted to do something along those lines; a photo every day digitally.  Then I was thinking about how my goals for 2010, by the power of the law of attraction (or whatever powers you want to call it) actually affected my whole family and perhaps put me in a situation I could have done without even though I had some amazing learnings and connections that came from that situation.  It also had me questionning my ability to walk the talk on peace and calm.  So I wanted to bring it back to being more about me, and my reactions to life.  And so I bravely told Mel I planned to photograph myself everyday-not 'doing' different things, just a simple headshot.  Almost, if possible, in the same position/location every day.  I figured this will allow for comparison of physical appearance and a look into the 'windows of the soul' rather than me just bragging about where I've been and what I've been 'doing'.  I don't really think this year's journey will be about where I've been or what I've been doing, I get the feeling it's going to be a bit more about what's going on inside my head (and whether or not I'm game to share it). 
As it so happens, my sister (not knowing about all the other things I had planned for the year) gave me a great diary called 'Mind, Body & Spirit Book of Days' (and will here on in be known as Book of Days or BOD).  The first paragraph of the diary says to toss out the tired old "New Year, New You' makeover plan and uncoil what's inside as you already have everything you need  for a year of passionate self-discovery.  I'm thinking this sounds like it's all aligning in my universe!  **Goosebumps**  The diary gives practical projects and quizes to help in your uncoiling each and every month.  This will be what I use as a guide to share with you my journey.  Today I am working on the Passion Quiz so that I might be able to build my visionboard.  In my journal I am answering questions like "I'm proudest of.....I most value....My ideal day is....My greatest strengths are.....etc."  It has certainly go me thinking.  And when I get out of my pyjamas I will share with you my first photo of the year. 

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