Monday, February 6, 2012

Trust Your Intuition

January 31-So part of the journey this year is about getting a job. So, without hesitation, Kila accepted a part time job in a photo shop. Monday was the start. Turned up on time, only to find no-one else had. The day was long and slow and very dirty and unorganised. No fridge for my lunch, no lunch half hour as promised, a dirty dusty place for a photo lab.
Returning for the second day, the bus was 10 minutes(which turned into 15 minutes) late. It was the start of a very interesting day; culminating in my resignation by 1.45pm. The original plan was to sleep on the decision and to try to tough it out at least for a month. Intuition and values kicked in and there was no sleeping on it. Decision made on the spot. Hyperventilating (almost), and feeling empowered at the same time. Thank you intuition! You are wonderful and you stand me in good stead!

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