Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Haul'oli Makahiki Hou (or Happy New Year!) and here's to 2012 being a very fulfilling year.
If you were a follower of my blog last year you may have noticed I lost my way as a blogger. The journey I set out on at the start of 2011 in many ways did not take the path that I was expecting. Some of the challenges that I didn't expect challenged my strength and resolve and in fact still are doing that. Some of the experiences I didn't expect took me amazing places I had never been before my whole life; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
I realised from these things that on our path of life sometimes we are sent temptations and challenges to test our resolve, so we can discover our strength, so that we can grow from learning and to test how we deal with challenges. That's just life.
For 2012, I am aiming to embrace a renewed belief that we are on whatever path we are meant to be on to learn the lessons we need to learn. Fight as we may to alter the path, it is fruitless. I am also hoping to actively live my life to the fullest; a fun, fit and healthy life. And so begins the adventures of Kila (pronounced Key-lah).
Kila is the Hawaiian version of Jill. In Hawaiian it means **blushing** good looking/beautiful. Kila is set to appear in many photos this year of the places she goes and the things she learns along the way; the thoughts and things that inspire and motivate her.
With hope, inspiration, faith and love hopefully Kila's adventures for the year will unfold before your eyes as she hulas her way through the year that is 2012.

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