Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dieting Tip

Got caught out today a couple of times unprepared. I was a representative today at an under 8's day at a school so I packed an apple and water thinking I was well prepared. As I got a lift into the venue, I realised when it was too late that my food was still in the car. I had only the bare necessities on my person as I needed both hands free and I realised at morning tea time I had no teabags. Had to have black tea instead of green tea and when I got back to the car at 12.45 the apple didn't touch the sides. Then tonight I took my son to guitar, had been so busy all afternoon I had no time to eat and realised (when I got to guitar and had time to breathe!) that my stomach was rumbling louder than my game music coming from my iPhone and not a celery stick or yoghurt cup in sight! Lessons learned!

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